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We provide all of the following services for our customers:

• Electrical services - commercial & residential

• We are insured, licensed and bonded.

• We handle all types of electrical repair, rewires and new construction.

• I am a Master Electrician and I install the work myself.

• We do very professional work.

• We are BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.

EB Extreme Electrical Services was featured in an episode of the TV show "Flip This House, San Antonio Edition".

EB Extreme Electrical Services is a San Antonio electrician with a wide range of capabilities and skills to meet your unique project's needs. Give us a call today and we'll get out to help you ASAP.

Licenses / Credentials:
• Electrical Contractors License T.E.C.L. 23588
• Master Electrician 108708
• Journeyman Electrician 5648

Services Offered:

  • Electrical services
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • New construction
  • Repairs
  • Rewires
  • Trouble shooting electrical
  • Service & panel upgrades
Steps in Hiring a Reliable San Antonio Electrician

You might not think of it often but, the fact is that at some point in time every home is going to need the services of an electrician. The electrical power that makes everything run smoothly is a very important part of every home. Many people are capable enough to handle the small jobs, like installing a ceiling fan or replacing a wall switch. Others have a healthy fear of anything that involves electrical repairs or upgrades; no matter how minor the problem, it is best left in the capable hands of a reliable San Antonio electrician.

It shouldn’t be hard to find an electrician. Locating the one that you believe is right for your project might not be quite as easy.

Where to Find a Licensed San Antonio Electrician

Friends, family and people you work with are all good places to start when asking for recommendations. If anyone has hired a San Antonio electrician in the past, they can possibly give you some good insight. If they weren’t happy with the work, they can tell you why. Likewise if someone’s had a good experience with a San Antonio electrician they’ll probably give him a glowing recommendation. People will quickly let you know if they received great service. You'll find that we have a good reputation and take pride in our work.

Once you locate a San Antonio electrician you think you might be interested in working with you should take the time to do a background check. If there have ever been any complaints, they will be on file with the Better Business Bureau. If you do find any, ask for details and whether or not the complaint was settled to the satisfaction of the customer. It’s not unusual for a reliable San Antonio electrician to get a complaint or two, but what is important is how they handle it. A number of complaints on file against any electrician should signal a red flag that you should shop elsewhere.

Getting a Bid from a San Antonio Electrician

Once you’ve decided on three or four electricians that you feel are right for the job, you then need to set up an interview so you can go over your project with them. Ask about experience; we'll be happy to explain to you how a San Antonio electrician can meet your needs. We offer a quality of service that you will not find elsewhere. After the project is complete, you'll be happy we sent an expert San Antonio electrician.

Do a walk through with each electrician that you are considering and have them explain in detail what they can do for you and how they would complete the job. Tell them what you’re trying to accomplish and use the time to convey any concerns. Taking a little time with each San Antonio electrician will help you get a sense of how well you will communicate and if there is potential for a good working relationship. If you have any doubts about a specific electrician, you don’t need to feel obligated to work with him. Keep in mind that this person is someone you’ll need to trust with the safety of your home.

Get an estimated time for the completion of your project along with the price. Obviously a San Antonio electrician can’t give you a correct estimate until they work up an in depth quote. Provide each electrician with a list of the things you want them to include in their bid. The bids should include the cost of parts and labor and a detailed explanation of what the project involves. It should also detail your payment options. If your project is small, you’ll usually be expected to pay in full once the project is completed, while longer more involved projects, may allow for installment payments over the course of the entire job. A time schedule for completion should also be included in every bid.

Selecting the Best San Antonio Electrician

You’ll then need to compare the bid from each San Antonio electrician with the others you have received. You might be attracted to a very low bid but this is one area where you really need to be an educated consumer. While a low bid can be legitimate, if it’s way below the others you need to question why. When it comes to your home’s electrical system you don’t want to be cutting corners. Should the bid really interest you, ask the electrician that submitted the bid why it is so low. The fact of the matter is that when deciding on the San Antonio electrician you want to hire, you should not only choose the bid that’s going to save you the most money but the one that is going to supply you with the most reliable service.

When choosing the best San Antonio electrician, there’s more involved than just your budget. Whenever dealing with electricity, the safety of your family needs to come first. You need a reliable San Antonio electrician that will take the time to pay attention to detail and make certain the job is done right. The life of your home relies on the dependability of the San Antonio electrician that handles your project.


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